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I am a science and space superfan. An experienced UX Designer and full stack Developer specializing in UI.

With solid skills in UX and UI I have worked in software development for over 15 years in both enterprise and startup companies. I have a MS in Human Computer Interaction from R.I.T. I have successfully launched an educational startup with a five-year run and over 6,000% growth mo/. A profoundly dyslexic individual with three exceptional abilities.

    1. Material reasoning - can visualize complex objects and systems then communicate them visually.
    2. Interconnected Visualization - can discover where complex, disparate problems can connect to common solutions.
    3. Narrative Thinking - can clearly communicate complex scattered components into a clear narrative/workflow/process

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Erroyl Rolle

Email: moc.liamg@ellore
Phone: 9380.208.585
Fax: 2453.193.585

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